The 10 most famous people with Klinefelter syndrome (2023)

Klinefelter syndrome is a genetic disorder in which a person has an extra X chromosome.

The most famous people with Klinefelter...

Top celebrities with Klinefelter syndrome

It is a male disorder and the individual has male sex organs but many other features like small testicles, higher voice and less musculature are seen along with some female features like bigger hips and breasts.

This chromosomal abnormality occurs in about one in every 660 males.

This chromosomal condition causes mild to severe symptoms that appear early or later in life.

Common signs of Klinefelter syndrome include failure of the testicles to produce sperm, enlargement of breast tissue (gynecomastia), reduced facial hair at puberty, and increased height.

Some people develop fertility problems due to low testosterone levels, while others experience infertility with no known medical issues.

Several studies have shown that Klinefelter syndrome affects men in three ways: mentally, physically and cognitively, with some suffering from mild or moderate learning disabilities.

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Are there treatments and cures available for Klinefelter Syndrome?

Treatment options for Klinefelter syndrome may include:

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  1. Hormone therapy: Testosterone replacement therapy may help improve physical and sexual development in men with Klinefelter syndrome.
  2. Education and support: Learning about the condition and seeking support from friends, family, and healthcare professionals can help people with Klinefelter syndrome cope with the physical and emotional challenges of the condition.
  3. Speech therapy: Some men with Klinefelter syndrome may experience speech and language delays, and speech therapy can help improve communication skills.
  4. Occupational therapy: Occupational therapy can help people with Klinefelter syndrome develop skills needed for daily living, such as dressing and bathing.
  5. Fertility treatment: In some cases, men with Klinefelter syndrome can have children with the help of fertility treatments such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

It is important to work with a healthcare professional to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for the person with Klinefelter syndrome.

There are many famous people who have had this chromosomal disorder including some celebrities. Read about the 10 most famous people with this condition:

10. Dra. Renee Richards

The 10 most famous people with Klinefelter syndrome (1)


Renee Richards was a famous ophthalmologist who had an extra X chromosome.

He was also known to suffer from Klinefelter syndrome. She rose to fame when she tried to enter a women's singles tournament in 1976, but was initially barred from participating due to a new law requiring female competitors to have only 2 X chromosomes.

Richards refused to take the mandatory tests. She appealed the decision and won the case. He had a brief successful career as a tennis player after this incident, despite his condition.

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The New York Supreme Court set its greatest precedent by allowing him to play a woman rather than a man, citing other cases where intersex people were allowed in their own category (such as Renee Imperato-McGinnis, who won a case in 1975 to act as a woman).

9. Carolina Cossey

The 10 most famous people with Klinefelter syndrome (2)

Caroline Cossey (born 31 August 1954) is an English actress and former model.

Cossey was designated male at birth and underwent sex reassignment surgery in 1974 while serving in the British Army.

She later successfully sued the UK Ministry of Defense for wrongful dismissal due to her transgender status, receiving £1,000 in damages.

Cossey came to international attention in the early 1990s when she revealed that she had appeared in James Bond films and posed nude for the September 1991 issue of Playboy magazine.

She underwent another gender reassignment surgery later that decade, which also ended her modeling career.

In addition to her modeling fame and appearances in James Bond films, Cossey has also been recognized for her work as an activist for LGBTQ rights.

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8. Jorge Washington

The 10 most famous people with Klinefelter syndrome (3)

George Washington was the first president of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War.

He also presided over the convention that drafted and approved the Constitution.

The consensus among historians is that he had Klinefelter syndrome, a genetic disorder in which an individual has an extra X chromosome.

He was famous for his excellent physical health, despite having such chronic illnesses as smallpox (he contracted it in 1751 when he was two years old), pneumonia (in 1789) and tuberculosis (in 1789).

He also didn't have very strong muscles and was 1.80 m tall; he did not look like the caricature of him that was later drawn.

7. Caster Semenya

The 10 most famous people with Klinefelter syndrome (4)

Caster Semenya is a South African gold medalist and middle distance runner who was originally referred to as an intersex athlete, but no evidence has been found to support this.

The IAAF has since allowed him to compete without any known medical conditions.

There are no other tests that can accurately diagnose the syndrome. However, some have argued that you may have a medical condition known as "classic" HAC. She had Klinefelter Syndrome but her circumstances were different as he was not allowed to compete as she had not been diagnosed.

He still won many races despite all the controversies about his condition and even defended his 800m title at the 2012 Olympics in London.

6. Brooke Moore

The 10 most famous people with Klinefelter syndrome (5)

Source: Telegraph

Brooke Moore is a transgender woman who has been missing from her town for sixteen years.

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He was born with Klinefelter syndrome, which is the most common chromosomal disorder associated with transgenderism.

She was given a boy at birth and went to an all-boys school. But eventually, she developed breasts and never grew an Adam's apple or facial hair.

This led to the diagnosis of Klinefelter syndrome, which means she was born with an extra X chromosome.

5. Tom Cruise

The 10 most famous people with Klinefelter syndrome (6)

Rumor has it that one of Hollywood's most famous actors suffers from Klinefelter syndrome. This is a genetic disorder associated with transgenderism where an individual has an extra X chromosome.

He was diagnosed with dyslexia as a child and struggled with it his entire life, but he eventually found a way to overcome this problem through a proper education system.

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However, there are no records that he received treatment for Klinefelter syndrome, but rumors circulate that he has it.

4. King Tutankhamun

The 10 most famous people with Klinefelter syndrome (7)

King Tut was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh who lived during the New Kingdom of Egyptian history.

He was also known as the "boy king" because he became king at the age of ten and died around the age of eighteen or nineteen, which is young for a pharaoh.

He is well known for his golden death mask found in a tomb.

This has been cited as the most famous archaeological find of the 20th century and included a life-size sarcophagus decorated with gold.

King Tut Klinefelter syndrome was discovered after scientists studied his mummified remains.

According to Bernadine Paul, the king's sculptures had "defined breasts" similar to those of a young woman who published a remarkable correspondence in JAMA between 2013 and 2016 claiming to be Pharaoh Akhenaten and not Queen Nefertiti, as most historians believe her identity be certain, but simply wanting confirmation via DNA testing before embarking on more serious historical research into ancient Egypt,

Even if these details get mixed up due to lack or lack of clear information during the excavation process, it could still be positive for this guy because there is evidence that accepts both sides, one claims he suffered while the other completely exonerates him! latest discoveries!

3. Lili Elba

The 10 most famous people with Klinefelter syndrome (8)

Lili Elbe is a famous Danish painter and a transgender person.

She was born as Einar Magnus Andreas Wegener but changed her name to Lili Ilse Elvenes after transitioning from male to female.

In 1930, she became one of the first to undergo sex reassignment surgery ever performed.

Before undergoing her first surgery, Lili Elbe was told with firmness and determination that she was more a woman than a man.

Doctors at the time diagnosed this condition now known as Klinefelter syndrome, or "XXY" for short, but they didn't know what caused it because scientists still didn't understand hormone differentiation in humans at the time.

Ludwig Levy-Lenz was emasculated by his doctors after deciding that his feminine characteristics were one of the reasons people speculated, adding fuel to the fire of speculation, when they believed that he could have given birth to children of different types, depending on his sexual organs. during the operation, despite the fact that he never had children. the same.

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However, he passed away after his third surgery in 1931.

But even though she is no longer alive today, the details surrounding her life remain fascinating.

Her brother Gerda Gottlieb was also an artist and also had Klinefelter syndrome, which led to reasoning as to why Lili also had this particular genetic disorder.

2. Jamie Lee Curtis

The 10 most famous people with Klinefelter syndrome (9)

Jamie Lee Curtis is another famous Hollywood actress who may have Klinefelter syndrome.

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He was given a unisex name by his parents since he was born in the mid-20th century, when more people started transitioning into different genders outside of their designated sex roles.

For this reason, some people believe that she had Klinefelter syndrome, as she did not identify as female.

Jamie Lee also doesn't like to talk about this topic in public and may be trying to stop the rumors from getting out of hand.

However, her feminine appearance reveals that there is something different about her compared to other people who are born with XX sex chromosomes.

1. Adele Markham

The 10 most famous people with Klinefelter syndrome (10)

Source: Daily Mail

Adele Markham is a 31-year-old woman who suffered from Klinefelter syndrome and lived as a man until a surprising medical discovery revealed her true sexual identity.

For Adele, she always felt like she shouldn't live life as a man, and deep down, she knew there was something different about her.

When he was born, doctors told his parents that he was one of three variants of the XXY chromosome that gave him ambiguous genitalia during puberty. But despite being born with male sex organs, Adele describes herself as a normal girl who loves clothes and hopes to get married one day.


Thus, it can be seen that Klinefelter syndrome is not really a condition of the past. Today, there are many celebrities with this genetic disorder.

We are listing the top 10 famous people with the disorder to help bring awareness to those who may not be aware of the condition.

If you know someone who has been diagnosed or suspect they may have it, please share this article on social media so that others can also learn more about Klinefelter syndrome.

The 10 most famous people with Klinefelter syndrome (11)

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Does Adele have Klinefelter's? ›

But Adele says even though she was terrified of turning into a man, the treatment actually backfired. After a few months, Adele began to go through puberty. But as is common with people with Klinefelter's syndrome, she didn't develop a deeper voice or grow facial hair and actually developed small breasts.

Does Klinefelter syndrome affect intelligence? ›

Research has shown that the average intelligence (sometimes known as IQ) of boys with Klinefelter Syndrome is lower than that of boys with the usual number of chromosomes. In one study, the average IQ score was 98 for boys with Klinefelter compared with a value of 112 in the other boys.

Can Klinefelter grow facial hair? ›

Klinefelter syndrome may adversely affect testicular growth, resulting in smaller than normal testicles, which can lead to lower production of testosterone. The syndrome may also cause reduced muscle mass, reduced body and facial hair, and enlarged breast tissue.

Do girls get Klinefelter? ›

Klinefelter syndrome only affects males.

Is Klinefelter syndrome a disability? ›

Most males with the 47,XXY karyotype have normal intelligence. Intellectual disability occurs in males with Klinefelter syndrome variants, who have a higher number of X chromosomes. About 70% of patients have minor developmental and learning disabilities.

What famous actress has Klinefelter's syndrome? ›

Caroline Cossey

A leaked tabloid broke the news to the world of a transgender after the film which gained her popularity internationally. At the age of 17, Cossey was officially diagnosed with Klinefelter syndrome and immediately started having hormone therapy.

Is Klinefelter a type of autism? ›

In about 10-25% of cases, it is associated with known medical conditions. Population-based studies of autism have found that Klinefelter's syndrome (KS), a common chromosome abnormality, is sometimes associated with autism. However, few detailed case descriptions of patients with KS and autism have not been published.

Can men with Klinefelter syndrome build muscle? ›

Klinefelter syndrome may adversely affect testicular growth, resulting in smaller than normal testicles, which can lead to lower production of testosterone. The syndrome may also cause reduced muscle mass, reduced body and facial hair, and enlarged breast tissue.

Does Klinefelter syndrome affect teeth? ›

Consequently, males affected by KS have larger teeth than males with a normal chromosomal complement (19, 32, 36, 44, 47-49). The importance of the X chromosome to tooth size is directly related to the number of extra X chromosomes, and its effect on general growth patterns and enamel thickness (50).

Are Klinefelter people tall? ›

Most commonly, affected individuals are taller than average are unable to father biological children (infertile); however the signs and symptoms of Klinefelter syndrome vary among boys and men with this condition.

Why are Klinefelters tall? ›

From early school age, boys with Klinefelter syndrome tend to be taller (increased leg length) in part because testosterone (via conversion to oestrogen) normally stops the long bones from growing after puberty. This increase in height is maintained throughout life.

Is Klinefelter caused by mother or father? ›

Causes of Klinefelter syndrome

Klinefelter syndrome is not directly inherited – the additional X chromosome occurs as a result of either the mother's egg or the father's sperm having the extra X chromosome (an equal chance of this happening in either), so after conception the chromosome pattern is XXY rather than XY.

Can you have kids if you have Klinefelter? ›

Most boys with Klinefelter syndrome can have sex when they become men, usually with the help of testosterone treatment. But problems with their testicles prevent them from making enough normal sperm to father children. Most men with the condition are infertile and can't father a child the usual way.

Who is most at risk for Klinefelter? ›

Klinefelter syndrome occurs in about 1 out of 500 to 1,000 baby boys. Women who get pregnant after age 35 are slightly more likely to have a boy with this syndrome than younger women.

Does Klinefelter cause weight gain? ›

The Metabolic Syndrome Is Frequent in Klinefelter's Syndrome and Is Associated With Abdominal Obesity and Hypogonadism.

Is Klinefelter IQ low? ›

Klinefelter's syndrome individuals have a below average IQ, typically between 80 and 90. However, only about 25% have any degree of mental retardation, and it is usually mild. Klinefelter's syndrome boys tend to have dyslexia and other learning disabilities.

Can you live a normal life with Klinefelter syndrome? ›

Prognosis for Klinefelter Syndrome

Treatment can help boys and men with Klinefelter live happy, healthy lives. Advances in fertility treatments have made it possible for some to father children. In general, life expectancy is normal.

Which serial killer has XYY? ›

XYY males featured in several celebrated criminal cases. In 1966, Richard Speck systematically raped, tortured, and murdered eight student nurses from a Chicago hospital. The only problem was, Speck was a normal XY male. But that didn't stop his lawyers from attempting to get him off on an aneuploidy defense.

What is the female version of Klinefelter? ›

Turner syndrome, a condition that affects only females, results when one of the X chromosomes (sex chromosomes) is missing or partially missing. Turner syndrome can cause a variety of medical and developmental problems, including short height, failure of the ovaries to develop and heart defects.

Is Klinefelter intersex? ›

Significantly, Sax did not consider either Klinefelter's or Turner syndrome as intersex, as they are not 'associated with ambiguous genitalia, or with any confusion regarding sexual identity' (177).

What is interesting about Klinefelter syndrome? ›

After about age four, XXY males tend to be taller and may have less muscle control and coordination than other boys their age. As XXY males enter puberty, they often don't make as much testosterone as other boys. This can lead to a taller, less muscular body, less facial and body hair, and broader hips than other boys.

Does Klinefelter syndrome affect a certain race? ›

About 3% of the infertile male population have Klinefelter syndrome. The condition appears to affect all racial and ethnic groups equally.

How does Klinefelter syndrome affect you socially? ›

These studies suggest that individuals with Klinefelter syndrome are at risk for psychosocial and emotional problems such as social withdrawal, social anxiety, shyness, impulsivity and inappropriate social behavior (Bender et al.

What percentage of babies are born with Klinefelter syndrome? ›

Klinefelter syndrome affects 1 in 500-1,000 newborn males, making it is one of the most common chromosomal disorders.

Are men with Klinefelter sterile? ›

Between 95% and 99% of XXY men are infertile because they do not produce enough sperm to fertilize an egg naturally. But, sperm are found in more than 50% of men with KS. Advances in assistive reproductive technology (ART) have made it possible for some men with KS to conceive.

How many people in the US have Klinefelter? ›

United States

Approximately 1 in 500-600 males is born with an extra X chromosome. The prevalence rate is 5-20 times higher in males who are mentally challenged than in the general male population. Approximately 250,000 men in the United States have Klinefelter syndrome.

What is the quality of life with Klinefelter syndrome? ›

Quality of life is significantly impaired in men with Klinefelter Syndrome, most likely due to discrimination and the presence of somatic and mental health problems.

What of Klinefelter cases goes undiagnosed? ›

Given the almost uniform finding of extremely small testes and other phenotypic abnormalities, it is surprising that about 75% of men with Klinefelter syndrome are never diagnosed. This might be due to failure to recognize mild phenotypes or failure to perform a testicular exam.

Does Adele Markham have Klinefelter syndrome? ›

Adele Markham has a rare genetic disorder called Klinefelters, which means she is not male or female, but both – known as intersex. Born as Matthew, her parents were delighted to be told they had a son, after having two older girls.

What is Adele's illness? ›

Adele has been struggling with back pain for almost two decades, telling the Face that the issues started at age 15 after she slipped a disk while sneezing. A slipped disk — also called a ruptured or herniated disk — occurs when the soft cushion of tissue between the bones in the spine pushes out.

What was Adele's illness? ›

Adele has opened up about a painful health condition she suffers from which left her "waddling" onstage. The singer told fans during her New Year's Eve show in Las Vegas that she suffers from sciatica, a condition which can cause strong pains down one or both legs from the lower back.

What health issues does Adele have? ›

Adele has detailed her battles with anxiety and depression, revealing she was left bedbound and struggling with her mental health in the midst of her divorce from Simon Konecki.

Which parent causes XXY? ›

Klinefelter syndrome is not directly inherited – the additional X chromosome occurs as a result of either the mother's egg or the father's sperm having the extra X chromosome (an equal chance of this happening in either), so after conception the chromosome pattern is XXY rather than XY.

What is similar to Klinefelter syndrome? ›

These conditions include 48,XXXY syndrome, 48,XXYY syndrome, and 49,XXXXY syndrome. Like Klinefelter syndrome, these conditions affect male sexual development and can be associated with learning disabilities and problems with speech and language development.

Does Klinefelter syndrome get worse with age? ›

In males with Klinefelter syndrome (KS, non-mosaic karyotype 47, XXY), which is the most common sex chromosome aneuploidy, age-related morbidity and mortality are increased, and a significantly reduced life span has been observed.

Why is Adele's voice different? ›

Superstar singer Adele revealed that when she was pregnant with her son Angelo, back in 2012, her voice completely changed - and now a study by Sussex University has confirmed that 'mum voice' is an actual thing.

What was Adele's surgery for? ›

Sometimes all that usage leaves celebrities' vocal cords damaged and they opt for surgery to correct the problem — which, in some cases, saves their careers. In 2012, Adele found out that she had a polyp on her vocal cord that had hemorrhaged.

What happens to Adele's son? ›

Adele named her son Angelo Adkins – taking Adele's last name. She shares her only child with ex-husband Simon Konecki, whom she divorced in 2021, they began dating in 2011 and married in 2018 before calling it quits in 2019. They continue to co-parent their son together.

Who is Adele's husband? ›

Is Adele epileptic? ›

Adele shares her experiences and struggles in having her epilepsy through her teens, university and motherhood. As well as her fears around brain surgery, which was successful in treating her epilepsy.

What caused Adele's anxiety? ›

Adele opened up about the intense bouts of anxiety she experienced during her divorce. “I had the most terrifying anxiety attacks after I left my marriage,” she told Oprah during her One Night Only special. “I wouldn't be able to have any control over my body.”


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