Madden 23 Patch #4 Review and Community Feedback (2023)

About two weeks ago, EA Sports released the latest patch update forcrazy 23,and fans were intrigued as it promised to fix several major issues players were still having. Not only would this fix the 32-team online franchise mode and some minor issues with Face of the Franchise, it would also add the first update to EA's acclaimed NFL Live feature since the game's initial release. And for us Dolphins fans, a special touchdown celebration has been added.

Here's everything we like and don't likeMadden 23Patch #4, moresome impressionsfrom the Operation Sports community.

Madden 23 Patch #4 Review

Madden 23 Patch #4 Review and Community Feedback (1)

Modo Franchise e NFL Live Update

One of the main updates in Maddens Patch #4 is changes to Franchise mode, which EA said will "fix several high priority issues via server-side fixes since the last title update. There is also a workaround coming out today for the draft revert bug. The Draft Revert Fix is ​​a server-side fix, and while it is rolled out at a similar time to TU4, it is not specifically part of the TU4 fix.”

Players don't seem to be sure if this issue has actually been fixed or not, but it seems that many are now able to advance in Franchise mode. However, there is still the offline bug that does not allow players to play more than 10 seasons.

Falcon1700don't really see the big issue with being unable to play 10+ seasons considering few play that much.

"I really don't understand this 'broken' franchise claim.Honestly, how many players actually play the 10+ seasons it takes to make the bug 100% a crash issue? I bet less than 1% of all players who only play Franchise mode do. I only play franchises and I've only played eight seasons a few times because eventually I get bored with my team and start over. For the bug to crash your franchise with 100% certainty you need to play more than 10 seasons.It sucks, it sucks, but it's not as big a problem that it affects as many players as the naysayers say."

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Madden 23 Patch #4 Review and Community Feedback (2)

I understand that as someone who can barely finish three or four full seasons. However, it would be better if you played as many seasons as you like without jumping hoops (30 seasons are promised after all). It's not perfect, but with the new updates, many players can confidently continue their franchise.

For those of us eagerly awaiting the live playbook update, it looks like EAFinallyanswered the call. It makes things a lot easier for anyone looking to start a franchise in week 11. I did that. Rather than throwing a CFM right away, I patiently waited for the bugs to be fixed. This new update is a lifesaver.

However, not everything is sunshine and roses, as there is still an issue that forces users to manually adjust the depth map before each game. Here's whatjfsolohad to say about the changes.

"Unfortunately if you're using the live playbooks you still have to fix yours and the CPUs before every game. Yeah it sucks but it's my muscle memory to do it automatically now and it takes about 20 seconds.”

He later corrected himself and admitted that users cannot rearrange the CPU depth graph, which can sometimes lead to an extremely unrealistic experience. However, beggars cannot vote. And I would rather have the latest NFL Live update than continue with outdated first week features and commentary.

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operating system usermy downfall1185I didn't see any changes to the depth map issues either.

"Looks like it's unresolved. I just opened up my franchise, made a depth map change or two, signed an FA, and watched the depth map reset based on the overalls.

Madden 23 Patch #4 Review and Community Feedback (3)

One of the main problems in the Connected Franchise modality is that free agencies continue to generate unrealistic scenarios from one season to the next. According to most players, the Los Angeles Chargers' inability to re-sign superstar quarterback Justin Herbert is the most frustrating. Yes, LA has a boundary situation, which isn't the most desirable thing, but allowing one of football's best QBs into the open market is NOT something they intend to do. It can also send your franchise into a downward spiral for better or worse.

Toodles2you90was not happy.

"I've managed multiple franchises and the only player I ever see is Herbert. They'll get other players sporadically, but Herbert is always there because the Chargers cap situation is terrible and the game probably isn't smart enough/don't have the tools to figure out how to create space to recap.You can edit his contract in Week 18 if you want him to stay with the Chargers."

Madden 23 Patch #4 Review and Community Feedback (4)

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Gameplay impressions after patch #4

Like most sports video gamesMadden 23it will never be perfect. But after the last patch update, I was blown away by how much more realistic the game looked. EA not only added a number of new formations, but also improved the gameplay. In my limited time playing the post-patch game, the offensive line felt more protective and the defensive back/wide receiver interactions continued to impress. operating system usergotmadskillzsonalso noticed some changes immediately after the last patch update.

“I found that it is now much easier to pass the ball and run. I think it's because defenders now have a natural delay in their actions. The speed of direction changes is now more respected - where, as before, defenders could change direction on the fly without missing a step. Some overtaking routes definitely feel more natural. If a WR goes in one direction and then breaks down in the opposite direction, you can now see the DB following it and staying a few meters behind it.”

Another thing I noticed and one thing thatGoducks1224of note is the CPU's inability to crash the running game.

"Has anyone noticed that the CPU basically doesn't drop the ball anymore? I just played the Browns and they had 6 carries. 12 minute quarters. This has been a recurring theme in the last 5-6 games I've played, including games against Tennessee, Cleveland and San Francisco, all obviously with feature backs.

CCdevillefinds the game a little too easy now.

"It's really easy for me now. I used to find it challenging when it came to positioning and accuracy. I bit my nails with every pass because you had to be so precise. It was frustrating but at the same time it was part of the challenge to improve and also reflected the QB ratings you were using. Now I'm cutting through the defense with Ryan Tannehill with no resistance. It feels like a classic passing game and the game helps me and has taken the learning curve and challenge out of the passing game."

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Madden 23 Patch #4 Review and Community Feedback (5)

Jaylen Waddle's Touchdown Celebration estreia em Madden 23

If you've read my work, you probably know that I'm a die-hard Miami Dolphins fan. Knowing this, you can understand my frustration when I discovered that Jaylen Waddle's touchdown celebration ("The Waddle") was not in play when it was released. How was this not at the top of the list of things to do?Madden 23?Jokes aside, it was a little disappointing not to have one of the more original celebrationsDriving me crazy🇧🇷 But like every year, EA Sports has tweaked and added Waddle's Celebration with the latest update.

No, it's not the most authentic "gingado", but it does the job. And while that doesn't mean much to many people, Dolphins fans everywhere are ecstatic. This is Jaylen Waddle. Now, if they could only do a better job of making the uniforms 100% authentic and adding other player-specific commemorations, fans would be genuinely pleased with EA's progress on that front.

🐧 Today's title update brings Waddle

Click the link to see all the latest updates#Madden23


– Madden NFL 23 (@EAMaddenNFL)November 17, 2022

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What do you think of EA Sports' latest patch? Have you started a connected franchise? What would you like to see fixed in Patch #5? Inform us!


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