List five unbiased and biased facts about student plagiarism. (2023)

English High school


answer 1

Unbiased facts about plagiarism (note: ideally, all facts should be unbiased, since facts are what they are regardless of whether one thinks they are or not):

36% of students paraphrase information from the Internet without footnotes.
38% of students paraphrase from a written source without footnotes.
14% of students falsify a bibliography
7% cite information without acknowledging that they are doing so
3% submit jobs from a job tenure site

And since we want to avoid plagiarism in a plagiarism question, I'll note that I learned these facts from the "Facts and Statistics" section of

Okay, we're done with that. Let's move on to biased "facts" (i.e. opinions):

Creators of original content believe that plagiarism is punished too lightly
Students who plagiarize believe that plagiarism is punished too harshly
Term paper sellers believe that plagiarism is not a lack of integrity
Copyright lawyers believe that defining plagiarism can be difficult, as this exercise is often fraught with ambiguity.
College professors believe that students who plagiarize are ill-equipped for academia.

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The sons of liberty were just colonists who didn't like the unfair taxes imposed on them by the British. Surely you've heard of the Boston Tea Party, right? Well, the Sons of Liberty were responsible for that. You've probably also heard of Benedict Arnold, Samuel Adams, and Paul Revere. All of them were once members. Without the Sons of Liberty, the American colonists would never have resisted the British and the United States would still be a colony.

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He wants to be close to the city.

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Erroneous, ignorant, blind, ignorant, naive, unintelligent.

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'Wide awake''
Hope this helps!

If you are talking about beautiful eyes, the antonym (opposite) would be ugly eyes... Or hideous eyes. I hope I helped!

I really need help with Study Island ELA. I need someone who is really good at ELA. Thanks!


Celia grabbed the dog food from the cupboard---->Celia grabbed

from the cupboard the food for the dogs.

All other options just don't make sense.

For the pantry dogs, Celia grabbed the food. "pantry dogs" makes no sense.

Celia grabbed the dog food from the cupboard. "Celia from the closet" makes no sense.

Celia grabbed the dog food from the cupboard. The whole sentence is rubbish.

ELA stands for English Language, you know that well.

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The root of the word pressure is to squeeze, which means to apply force to something. Hope my answer was helpful and don't forget to make this answer the best answer!

Write your own sentence containing a common, proper and abstract noun?


When John came to the party, he brought cake and ice cream.
Common nouns: party, ice cream
Real name: John
Abstract noun: comma
and I also added concrete nouns (John, cake, ice cream) and compound nouns (ice cream) and a pronoun (he)
Hope this helps :D

What does the expression "Young peach tree sway" mean?


Answer and explanation:

The expression "the young peach tree changes" belongs to the following passage from the story "Where the Red Fern Grows":

Then something bad happened. I caught one of mom's prize chickens. I have one of those "young peach" changes because of it.

The narrator character is a boy, Billy. You set traps to catch rats, but sometimes you end up catching something else. His mother is already upset that the cat has been caught multiple times, but when Billy catches one of her chickens, he becomes furious. A switch is a stick or branch that is strong and flexible and used for beating. So when Billy says he had some "young peach" changes, he means he was whipped as punishment for catching the goose.

It just means that a human cannot change the world or fight it because the forces are much bigger and stronger than Heim. HEY.

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and instead of rewarding them, they even send boxers (the work horse) to the butchers to feed to the dogs for some alcohol.

If this is a warning, I will go against it.

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they didn't have much
We can say that there were poor people

I think they were poor...

I wish I could use this question, but I can't

HELP LITERATURE QUESTION K12!!!!! In "The Bat-Poet," why doesn't the little brown bat think the mockingbird is a very good audience?

The little girl laughs at parts of the bat poem that are not funny.

The little girl appreciates only the technical aspects of the poem.

The little girl keeps interrupting the poem to ask questions.

The little girl is upset that the poem affects her feelings.


The little girl laughs at parts of the bat poem that are not funny.
Hope this helps!!! =')

The final answer is A.
- Bri fashion

How are Napoleon and the Old Major? to. Both believe there is only room for one leader.
si. Both incite others to rebel against man.
C. Both believe that animals should not become like humans.
Hey. Both believe that animals are only capable of doing good.


wheel I looked it up in my book and it said a is the best answer

I WILL CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWER IF YOU ARE CORRECT I WILL GIVE YOU DRINKS AND SOON PLEASE HELP!!!!! In "President Cleveland, Where Are You?" Why does Armaan have "desperation in his eyes" and no appetite for his mother's special caramel cake? TO.
He is trying to save enough money for his father's birthday present.

He is sick because Jerry won't help him.

He is in love with a girl from the North Side.

He's afraid his parents will find out he's bossing Jerry around.


I should go with A. She is trying to save enough money for her father's birthday present.

I think it's a or b idk which is the right answer sorry send me friend request to be friends.

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