instagram photo crossword (2023)

How I made this photo in a few easy steps

Today I'm going to show you how to take this photo, so I've attached the original photo that we're going to use for this video, so try it yourself and when you're done, upload it to Instagram or Twitter tag I, I want to take a look at what you've created or colored it sort it like the pros say use lightroom for this love it or hate it but my favorite the colors are magenta and cyan no oh that's not true becker don't forget enjoy some business two for one, mint tea and green tea mint tea, step 5. Go to google and there were some pictures from there that you can use in your image to make your image really wavy I use photoshop so this is where you put them all the things you stole from google in your image and make it beautiful pay attention to the small details when editing this because it will be, your photo will highlight the small details, bring your bags from home to save you 15p and yeah, good for the medium environment and that's it, really just be proud of your fo to, upload it to instagram, follow me while you're at it, hope you enjoyed the video, and if you're new to the channel, hit the subscribe button and follow us." Post on Instagram too, more pictures and try different editing techniques and you know, take different pictures and all that, co. Follow us there, the link is in the description too, let me know if you like these Type of video styles because you know I've tried to do a tutorial before and I kept rambling and it looked really boring so today I just wanted to do something new to know in the comments too if you have any questions you know drop me a message on Instagram or comment below and I'll try to answer as many drinks as possible now it's going to be good with steak. I'm not really a wine guy, where's the vodka I'm licking

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COOL CRAFTS WITH 3D PEN AND HOT GLUE || || DIY ideas with 3D PEN and Glue Gun from 123 GO! SERIES

COOL CRAFTS WITH 3D PEN AND HOT GLUE || || DIY ideas with 3D PEN and Glue Gun from 123 GO! SERIES

Oops, these shoes aren't going to win any fashion awards, luckily we have a 3D pen to help with the transformation, it's time to take these shoes from boring to pretty, they look better, so grab your 3D pen now - Pen & Glue Sticks, and get ready for some great ideas to make your life more colorful and interesting than these shoes, I can't mess up my picture now, it's art now, can I frame it, let it be a tree? , keep practicing hmm I'm so beautiful stop this is not a hole I'm going to get rid of this topic come on how long does it last this must be a world record it never ends finally i can't get out like this uh where is this made a spider pooped on me my jacket ruined i have a date what should i do hmm complicated makes me think wait my 3d pen might be useful , do you think it will work, sure let's try it, start by drawing a circle around the hole, start filling the circle , cover the hole as you go down and then add some details with different nt added, colors no hole or ruined jacket who needs a tailor this is amazing I love it thank you you look great seriously the jacket looks so good time for the my date, need to find a picture, frame for my tree, shhh, nice and simple, can't make any noise, yay mommy, ugh mommy , huh, definitely sleeping, I'm taking this to the perfect crime. I love to draw, it's so much fun. i don't have to finish my drawing i love this color wow i look like a model what's next i know i'm going to get myself a nice new haircut just a little cut there now on the other hand don't look silly i'll be the girl prettiest in school oh that might have been a mistake wow what was that might have guessed what's wrong oh this how is it bad not good wait I think I can fix it I'll just use this pen 3D, first take a small piece of paper to draw the 3D pen to use, draw a shape like this, start filling it, let it stand and stick, now put some on one end, bend the edges by squeezing the stick , now it's time to customize, use another color to add some decorations, a quick and simple hair clip here use this why do I have to stand still everything looks so much better really I'm beautiful thank you for being the best sister ever my makeup her put the blame on her, it's all your fault go ahead this is the best we do. I already did it no now I'll be back but the result is good I do it myself Wow I love them they are so cute yes they look amazing I'm jealous my shoes are so boring but they don't have to be draw flour on a piece of paper, start coloring the petals with a 3D pen, use whatever color you like, but we're going to use pink for this one, just make sure you stay within the lines, use yellow to complete the flower, for the next shape , let's try some fruits, a nice juicy strawberry starts to draw lines, now use a green 3D pen for the stem, the red one for the real strawberry, looks good enough to eat, next let's shine a star, perfect, after have your mold ready, all that's left to do is decorate your shoes, they look amazing, wow, that's definitely an improvement, what do you think? love it the flower is so adorable you can have it wow thank you oh i almost forgot when i get bored with the strawberries can i put them look thats so clever hey we still haven't got the high score let's do it and you'll never guess what she did can you believe this book is as intriguing as i can. Don't put this down ok bye mom oh I'm late for class I guess I should go too I'll save this save it for later huh where's all my stuff pom poms I'm not a cheerleader oh got it it's not my bag oh that gives me an idea use a piece of paper to draw a shape and then fill it in with a 3d pen be as creative and imaginative as you like, with different colors it's off and fun, no one will get the wrong bag now , when you're ready, cut a hole and attach it to your bag with a key chain, go team that has time to practice, hey, what is it jen, but that's not my name oh, that's not my bag yeah, it's my oops there it is it's my lucky bag i got that badge that's epic i love this game what a boring night i should stay up i could do the laundry that would be more fun that b allon is a most exciting thing, here i wonder how big can it get, i'm almost done, oh my balloon, us sa, look, look, what was that, who stopped throwing balloons around, there goes mine just kidding it's a party, guys behave, wait a minute, this gives me an idea, I know how to make it this really fun party don't go anywhere yeah sure fill a balloon with water put some moisturizer and spread it on the balloon rub it make sure you cover the balloon then grab a spray gun glue and apply glue to the balloon, draw shapes with the glue like here, let the glue dry and you have something

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Note: Too much idleness image? (11 letters) | NYT crossword | Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Note: Too much idleness image? (11 letters) | NYT crossword | Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Hi, I'm going to solve the New York Times crossword for today, it's Wednesday, December 16th, 2020, and I'm going to express my thoughts out loud as I solve this, and if you want to follow along, you'll see the clues at the top of the screen. in red ok wednesday puzzle spinning tops for example they are in the top right corner they spin uh bag sucks mother of zeus if this could be ivy i wasn't sure that was the mother of zeus nasdaq listings are like actions, but I'm not sure what that would be, how that would be abbreviated, uh, Gaelic, language, I never remember that, that is, something like uh add an email, I mean like cc or loop in maybe it could be trachea, that's your, oh my god god it's on the tip of my tongue what ain't Your esophagus, the trachea, huh, trachea, how are you? Magic triggy I feel like it should be so the hair is fake ok good deck lists. I still don't know that toy company that was successful with sketches. go on, add or something, battling adversity, uh, like passports, i can't solve this puzzle, i'm the only dorm monitor that's ras, ok, part of a collection of philatelists, it would help if i knew what a philatelist is, fermented cow drinks i think kefirs, kefirs i sniffed, entry into a puzzle like a few months ago and so i'm happy, uh, i actually learned that choosing two is an option and then a brief moment maybe a second, so what's going on here, let's check that the landing pad is not on the ground aircraft carrier. ftc, I've definitely seen this acronym before, but I can't immediately tell what it's like if they sell flowers, am I wrong about that, um, or could it just be a government organization that I'm not immediately aware of, but let's get others and see what patterns come up ok at home with a smoke flap for a tent and oh i think a stamp i think philadelpht collects really cool stamps alright lets do this 2002 musical which won eight tonys yeah hairspray the themes become very direct hints of some sort of, I think, ok, so I'm guessing it's going to be government organizations, I'm still not sure if there's definitely a revealer in 59, and uh, no, no clues yet as to what it's going to be, fighting adversity is uh, persevere, right, uh, persevere, okay, okay, persevere and I got it wrong, lingo, well, I keep confusing those, above, there's another, maybe e-i-r-e, call them how about ireland in, gaelic, sincere mind im not sure whats going on maybe rhea the nasdaq listings are still messed up maybe the companies are ok but this looks terribly weird ohio art wow never heard of this wow hope its ok put it in an email attachment- mail uh don't include a person it's a locked doc, got you, come within your reach, ok, a lot of idleness pic s, i need some crosses, uh, maybe i should go, here, finish the top, i meant that for a moment smile like, an emoji , oh no, it's just a parenthesis, ok schmancy chic is probably chic maybe able, martin luther's crime was heretical good, the bronx bombers, short not immediately right, dumb fellow is getting sleepy its something new york, with 45 Down Luke Skywalkers thats obi-wan so i think 45 down is kenobi where its 45 down its a little easy for a wednesday i guess amateur sport level is it pee fast picks or snaps yes many tips is very , uncomplicated nature reserve, I, wonder if that was it, I'm putting I don't know if it's a nature reserve, it's a nature reserve, a reserve, the right delicatessen counter-cut plotter, oscillates around a vertical axis and it spins well as remembering yaw rotation of existence is uh whirl good show decor not immediately im sure what it is i feel like i really should know this oh a libra of course mythomaniacs i think she is a liar and so showing decency can be a act a few things i think dad than yes i don't know next in line is an air plasticy clogs crocodiles right thats what the other one was, shoes, plate of grundna cheese ehrmittel cheddar maybe screensaver ah very idle picture i like that one tip screensaver and we have the nsa ok so it's definitely a government organization not sure they have a lot more in common than i would like as a federal trade commission that's it it's commerce federal commission, ok, but what is, reveal, school founded, say, show decorum is, act, cool, ok, father of, not sure, so let's examine cookies, sure, pfizer competitor, dog breeders organization very current dunno, this help in an attack is the home of minowin civilization is a type of crete wave is a sine wave coward is a coward i like the word, coward, merck yes uh yes stalona the dog unfortunately fortunately that is one give me, and then how russian how russia is in the top, wait how russia ranks

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I spent 50 hours customizing the biggest iPhone in the world!

I spent 50 hours customizing the biggest iPhone in the world!

This is the biggest iPhone 12 in the world, it is 2 meters tall and weighs over 300 pounds, and the craziest part is that the giant iPhone is fully functional and can even do math. Now I'm going to spend the next 50 hours customizing the set, this iPhone I'm going to be stuck behind this red line for 50 hours every 10 hours hours the limits are going to shrink and we're going to flip a coin if it comes up heads we give 500 to charity if we flip two heads in a row we will be gifting a personalized iphone 12 to a random person and if we spin three heads in a row we will be gifting the best iphone 12 in the world to a random subscriber 50 hours official starts now i even brought some friends to suffer with me three two one let's go adjust i don't wanna adjust pity i'm not trying to break you but really you might as well give up now i think you have a chance but i don't understand how i have such a tight grip holding this crown my life has been good and bad and even more di t I lost more I found Adaptations for more than four hours and I don't want to be too mean so the other artists can come down only I have to stay here for 50 hours followed das he's out, not coming back In case you're wondering if the cameras actually work on this iPhone, check it out, I'll prove it to you, this huge iPhone literally has a portrait, a mode on it, wow, it works, videos work with it too We paint at the moment but dinner is in a few hours we download ubereats and order with this huge iphone, okay, we start with our number five, you play with it more, michelle, I love selfies, let's see, wow, i dare you to post this on instagram right now so let's play a huge game, calculator vs michelle 65 times 31 of 2015., no, no, 54 times, 38 2062, not 252, oh, that's the evidence, that michelle is human calculator math class is over so we have seven hours and now there are only 43 hours to go everyone wants food call the phone italian no no we have italian restaurants are good if you can't pronounce any of them these names gambi del so torta della, ninth terminasu classiq ue, our delivery is here we only order over the phone what are you doing don't rush me it's ok we have 10 hours which means we have our first draw yay 500s promise to play number two if we come up heads again we will customize and give away an iPhone 12 For a two-headed stranger it's first thing in the morning let's paint an iPhone 12 , and I'll send Jazz and Michelle to complete the iPhone, Stranger Jazz is already getting excited, so we've moved the bureaucracy from here to here, so now we have even less room for run, and I'll end up having to stay here the last 10 hours so it's time for bed I'll wash up the old-fashioned way so here's a bottle of water and some paper towels. I have 10 hours and I have about 40 hours ahead of me. Let's choose an iPhone 1 2 too, customize and donate, let's open, this is a full-size iPhone 12. By my calculations, this iPhone is 750 times bigger than this Dragon iPhone 12, it can be given as a gift, Michelle, give this to a stranger, I'm excited, hello, we wanted to give you this custom iPhone 12 for me, to keep, yes , this is real, oh my god, that's ok, I don't know more than 8 customers, even if you like this video and haven't subscribed yet, consider subscribing, it would mean a lot, a lot to me, good job guys, it's almost full so we're 20 hours where we have another coin flips michelle would you like to do the honors so it looks like i'm not losing money on this round they just pulled the other borders so we have new bureaucracy and it's even closer to the phone now i'm starting making me feel very claustrophobic well look at this haha ​​you're making me jealous uh yo you gotta get up and get it you gotta don't want it out of your soul you gotta feel it you gotta grab every moment take a chance my back s are really hurting right now so I have a little massage gun I dropped it on my crotch and I thought oh this feels weird we are 29 hours into this giant painting we have so far I'm really tired michelle I think I'm going crazy my brain it's like restrained it doesn't work got it it's still a few hours to go, almost a day michelle, and i'm kinda tired and i don't like this anymore, i'm going to sleep, good night, zach asked me to bring him the markers and i'm going to put the trash can here over there so we can take a break and he can't pick it up because he can't leave it i need the hair dryer that's not how you put your art storage container back to work we never stop working jess how can you see, sin d we have more than 30 hours, how do you feel, am I hungry? hungry and tired it seems like everyone has been so long

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See Ellen chatting this guest...

See Ellen chatting this guest...

hey guys and welcome to another video as you probably know we post content daily so if you like it please share your support and hit that bella notification but don't forget to comment below and say I subscribed to be a part of our monthly messages and we will be sure to respond and thank as many of you as possible, we hope you enjoyed the video Ellen, DeGeneres is one of the most popular TV hosts and hosts and most people who appear on her show have a good time, but even the popular comedian has moments when she steps out of line, which irritate her guests or audiences discourage celebrities from confronting their greatest fears, discussing more serious issues, playing games here is a time when Ellen, DeGener pisses off guests to see that Channing Tatum definitely wouldn't suspect the Magic Mike actor is actually afraid of dolls, yes, he's heard of bo real necas when Appearing on The Ellen Show in 2014 he revealed he is terrified of china dolls more than anything completely scared off he said he found them very scary because they had such realistic eyes and he always imagined turning his head when pass by them, of course Ellen already knew the fear of the actors and decided to take the opportunity to demonstrate Tatum's irrational reaction to the dolls by putting a well inside him to face the show, which brought two of the scariest porcelain dolls, and while the actor pulling her leg up and trying to do so. As far away from the dolls as possible, Ellen invaded his personal space with one of the dolls and tried to get him to touch her. Although Tatum repeatedly yelled "stop", Ellen continued on and he presumably died as she picked up the doll to declare her love for him and kiss him on the cheek happy they met, the show's hosts in person, but there was a guess who probably went home with mixed feelings that day in 2015, Ellen had received a letter from a woman wanting to tell her the story of her daughter, a young girl named Jaime Bells, a first grader, and struggling to pay the tuition alone, unfortunately her mother did not couldn t support her financially, so Jaime once donated blood every week for six months just to buy a computer then, when telling the story on his show, brought Ellen Jaime up on stage to tell her that the Shutterfly company would pay her tuition, but just like they would their producer Randy and her up to ten for me lone would say that Shutterfly didn't want to pay Jaime's tuition but wanted to give him to a computer like that wasn't embarrassing, but the whole situation got even more awkward when Jaime pointed out that she had a computer, just like us, Ellen had heard her say just seconds before, though Jaime gratefully accepted the gift from Getti feeding her hopes only to have them dashed a few seconds later must have been quite a lot, Ellen loves to play with her guests and she does too when singer Katy Perry appeared on her show a few years ago Ellen and her team created a game especially for the singer called William Perry me, in which she was shown pictures of male celebrities and had to choose who she theoretically preferred to marry before the game started, Perry jokingly asked her if she needed to get married again, and Ellen responded by saying that she never married, not married , she seems to have forgotten that Katy Perry was once married to comedian Russell Brand and although well then remembered that Perry decided to make the Even more embarrassing situation than she pointed out that Ellen had given her a wedding gift on her show at the time. Ellen is one of the most popular people on TV and it doesn't always happen that she, oops ets people in her shell, but when she pranked her audience last year, a lot of people cringed when Ellen teased what her audience wanted to treat, so she had a table with free merge setup while she signed up, however, Fassett only asked for one item, and while most people also respected the women, helped each other out with lots of free loot, little did they know they were being filmed when a hidden camera was set up and Ellen decided to confront them on air and publicly shame them nationally. Speaking to the audience, she said she wanted to see how honest they were, each of them could have taken more than one thing, and he did. "Not except these ladies here," she said as the camera focused on the two ladies whose actions Sheldon asked everyone to see, even with one of them being caught red-handed and saying no one will see, just doing so the embarrassed women tried to explain. , even one of them said that the additional goodies for merchandise

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10 Signs You're Really Normal

10 Signs You're Really Normal

Like the video and subscribe in the next five seconds for a whole week good luck hey guys top 10 speed here and in this video we are going to take a test to see how normal you really are compared to most people now collected in current studies We are all unique individuals, but some things are now considered more normal than others. If you want me to respond to comments, make sure to like the video. I'll make a point of responding to as many of you as possible, but let's get straight to the video now when it comes to visual perception. Many people would see a rabbit in this photo at first glance but few people will actually see the duck because how our eyes perceive photos or look at this photo what do you see first when you see the back view of a woman then you are mostly normal, see this at first but once you see the old man you are really unique as you are seen less often ninety percent of people are right handed and only ten percent of the world are left handed even if your parents are both left handed If you If you're left-handed, you still have the best chance of being born right-handed. If you're left-handed, you wear glasses. This is also normal as more than 6 out of 10 people wear glasses, you might be one of the few, experience dark hair, so this is normal as only 0.5 were born with red hair, have that white half circle at the base of your nails, this is also normal in 90% of people. If it is not present after birth, it could be a sign that you are not getting enough sleep. Well if you say yellow then you are not normal as recent studies have found that five percent prefer yellow over blue which is the most followed by red and green have brown eye puffiness which is normal, over 55% of the population has brown eyes. Check out some of these simple riddles that most normal people make up at first glance, but there are some people who overthink them and need more time to crack them, try to solve them by yourself in the given time, but stop if you to need. mary's father has five daughters nana nini ninny and ninth what is the name of the fifth daughter if you answered nunu then you are wrong because it is funny when a trolley train is going south which direction is it going there is no smoke there is a trolley train caught you we see you once a year twice a week and never a day what is this the letter and now this picture you basically have to say which picture the top view of the diagram on the left is a b, c or d if you answered c now so give yourself a paton back as you are correct to avoid such questions basically using image preview and make sure all the colors match the following we have a picture on the screen how many animals you can see , if you're like most people, you'll probably say four which are the elephant donkey dog ​​and the cat, starting in reality there are 16 animals as you can see on the screen, did that confuse you? The following is basically an image of an album cover of one of the bestselling Beatles albums, although the images are very similar in fact there are some differences you can spot them all, there are five differences in total all marked just so you can see- they can compare with yours so please answer if you noticed any differences then you are a normal person you see it in the picture now you see it on the screen you should see the picture of an elephant but if you look at the picture carefully you will notice something strange about the legs actually just one leg that is on the back because all the other legs had their feet moved most normal people can't solve this if you didn't solve it you were normal choices 1 2 5 what is a top view of the shape 6. If you guessed the number four, you are right, as it corresponds to the six form. Then look closely at the color names and try to say the color names instead of the word The actual word for example the first one says red but you have to say blue in your opinion it has the squares inside the blue square yellow exactly of the same color, although now it is

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Aphmau LEAVING THE SERVER in Minecraft!

Aphmau LEAVING THE SERVER in Minecraft!

moved to a new server on Minecraft worst spring Aphmau ever had to run server but when her Minecraft data gets corrupted she forgets about everything and everyone and when her friends realize she is on this new server , has no memory, she tries to change what she thinks of them so she goes home ok I think that's enough of that let's see uh uh iron da oh diamond hmm it's a strange place for a diamond to be but you know what i'm taking huh where i am it worked perfectly as planned oh definitely got my blue boy it's ok to see if my little trap really works what are you i don't know what happened i set this trap to catch one of those two blue assholes so we didn't try to set him up for half the power or whatever um um yeah you think it's finally over underrated underestimated zt us yeah ok what guys this ain't funny i lost it all there you are i lost everything i'm on , Dude, I'm not saying I freaked you out. Like, great, yeah, could you just listen more we might just get more stuff for you that's alright and everything will be alright you just read it you can do extra work forever with my server oh sure she's with you still you can't go to a new server you're not smart enough to go to a new server i'm not smart enough and i know exactly what's going on i didn't mean that what are you doing but how about if you love us you never move to another server right what do you love this what is this is my player data white jocks talk about where you take this yeah it's all my minecraft player data on this server i take this player data and transfer si and to a new server where i know someone will like me listen don't rush i can give you some diamonds and some new tools oh no no no i can't come back wait wait there's another server i p bone come in oh huh wait a minute im on a new server in the world my friends they let me follow this l ava oh what if i just forget them i mean they probably forgot me something weird happened to their server , oh, hey, how's it going wait a minute why do people look different also there's something really weird going on with your server, I don't know what's going on, everyone is trying to figure out for a moment who you are, wait what, um i'm i'm your best friend i don't know any ian sorry what the no no wait dude don't you know i'm the best minecrafter in the world well that doesn't seem very specific cuz i i dont know who you are yeah let me show you how i am the best minecrafter in the world cause this is a brand new server and you have absolutely no idea who i am or remember me thats weird but one still so welcome to minecraft the first thing we are going to do is cut down a tree pray like wow that's so bad no I'm not a tree hi stop it say hi oh uh that bye ok uh say hi to the tree let's make some tools oh , let's do some ols what mm-hmm and then we're going to mine so you can let me go, I mean so we can find some stuff to craft with the rafting table what yeah that's awesome oh you managed to get wowed yet must be the best minecrafter ever yeah yeah that's it oh uh that's normal yeah yeah you change your skin all the time in minecraft i'm going to gather some wood you know what i'm going to show ian if he was mean to me in the another server, on this new server I'm going to make sure he thinks I don't remember him I'm a boring minecrafter anyway now that we have some stone tools we can mine it won't be too dark and scary because, you know, I'm super brave not everyone is as brave as me ian you are so powerful so, oh, thank you, um, you know, it's okay, why don't we do it our way now, um, I already noted ahead, a, little b It has some flags and it's very important, when you mine this, um player definitely the most, an experienced one holds all the important stuff like iron and the cool pickaxes and gold and and what you uh i understand so we can go in the spirit wait no no we all want the torches ä h we should probably put some of them like uh we can keep these, these here yes, otherwise there was uh this is not a player uh no no this is a zombie that will hurt you and uh, it's also important that the, weaker players, uh, protect the players savvy ones, I hear, I hear them, oh, I know the sign, hey, zayn out of the way, you're fine, you're hurt, you're hungry, you're sad, you're angry, wait a minute, what, what, are you, what, yeah, uh, zane, uh, come here, um, what's up here, I don't think they, she doesn't know who she is , I don't know what's going on, are you serious, it's like her, player data reset or something else than, I don't know that makes sense

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WOW! She's only 12 years old, but... Check out what Simon does after she opens her mouth!

WOW! She's only 12 years old, but... Check out what Simon does after she opens her mouth!

I think I thought I was 12 years old and I'm a singer, I started singing when I was about 8 years old, I remember singing at my grandfather's house at my grandmother's house and I caught myself recording singing the national song you will definitely do this for nanny and grandpa sure uncles and aunts cousins ​​they all love you we all love you i really want my family proud they really support me when i'm really sad. and when i doubt myself, my mom and dad, it doesnt make me feel like i can do this, i can do this, shes so young, shes only 12, but performing on stage definitely made her confidence grow over the years just have fun ok we're just proud of her for today hope it takes her somewhere she's happy that's the main thing oh hello hi what's your name think think how old are you 12 wow and where are you from yeah i'm from swindon are you nervous not a nervous and excited what did you think when you woke up this morning i thought i oh my days thats really real starting to pinch me oh thats not real i cant do that yeah has a great personality, I can answer your question, do you ever have moments where you lost confidence? rtrust a little lost, a little bit with something like that, a little bit of negative energy from different schools, yeah, like, but me, my mom and dad, they helped me get through it, that's why I'm here today, so ok my dear good luck this is your moment thank you she is so cute big wheels keep it up oh she is such a dad uh david yes it was ok uh uh i mean only occasionally and it's very occasionally someone goes on stage in this show that you think they were born to be a superstar thank you you know what i love about your belief i love your personality absolutely love it thank you and you talked about the support you had from your mom and dad so you see the support you had from 3,000 people and just to give you a little more support i'm going to give you one of these oh what did i say to you can see the phone book s ingen my heart is amazing thank you it was such an amazing audience amazing thank you an absolute pleasure. I asked if you ever had negativity because growing up I had that too, well and the important thing is they never catch up with you and when you're as good as you are you win, you know it kind of gives you that power and determination so if someone says something negative do you remember that moment ok thank you very much good good oh darling you will always be my baby

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