how did we get here [Foristas Confrontation + Finale Celebration] (2023)

how did we get here [Foristas Confrontation + Finale Celebration] (1)

I have no idea

Forum confrontation + history

how did we get here [Foristas Confrontation + Finale Celebration] (2)

(I did a really good job editing it. mwah, quality. Ignore the missing names and misaligned pfp lol. I spent 4 minutes on this so I didn't spend time on it.)

Before I start anything I just want to mention gg and thank you for your support in this matchup. I know it's just a block game showdown, but just the fact that someone like me has made it this far is incredible. I honestly found my joke nomination funny and just got on with my day. I didn't even know I was actually in this competition

Rodada 1: Wallress x Joshua
(I don't want to ping because it might bother some people so I'll just leave the names)

In the first round I didn't even know how I was going to beat Joshua. I mean, I didn't even know I was in this matchup until Fallin vs RedPandas. At first it was a big shock and I thought I would see things, but eventually I realized I was a part of it.

After that sensational moment, I thought about how I could have a chance to beat Joshua. So my little brain decided to pump out the effort posts. And I've only posted one, but that might be why I'm so far away. It was a topic that took me 3 months to complete and post on the forums.

I was like, "Hey, cool. Now I can make it to round two!"

I gave up then. I just wanted to test my limits and see if I can qualify for the second round.


Rodada 2: Wallress vs. Knight

After some confusion with Wholesome and Knight over who would or wouldn't make it to the second round, I was paired with Knight. Now after seeing how epic Knight is I kind of gave up and decided to move on.

But oh my god, I never thought I'd be so tense so quickly.

The wire died for hours. The votes stayed the same. 25-24, I won, but just barely. After a few more tense hours of stalled voting, I went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up in front of the ballot box with the same number of votes as the day before. It was only minutes before the polls closed and it was so tense. I really didn't mind losing, but when it gets that close it starts to worry. I've been reloading the page like a maniac every minute or so to watch the polls close. I believe Pasriram said it was the game with the fewest votes in the 2nd round.


Shot 3: Wallress x Zolt

As I climb into the top 16, I'm starting to look forward to this matchup. I was in the top 25% of candidates. As far as I remember, the match went smoothly. It received fewer votes overall than last time, but it was a pretty average game.

After the news of my qualification for the quarterfinals I was excited. I was ready to lose I had thatTop 8 ohne Forumer Showdowntitle in my signature. I said good luck to Jay and then walked away!

Quarterfinals: Wallress vs. Jay

This was the first game that lasted 2 days. It was also one of those games where I was amazed at how many people voted for me. The polls skyrocketed and I just stood there in shock.

During the research, I decided to take Korean classes again and I made some progress. I finally understood that Korean letters translated to English letters don't mean the English letters in a word, in Korean? Does it make sense? Probably not. It took me 3 days to figure it out lol.

Anyway, this was a very interesting survey, to say the least. Sometimes it was 44-44 one minute, then 45-51 the next minute. He acted several times and made me and Jay give up hope. But I refused to accept a loss until it came. That's really scary, isn't it? So I decided to do some things in the meantime. After a few hours the voices got pretty high. I went to sleep that night thinking about buying pencils because mine was did we get here [Foristas Confrontation + Finale Celebration] (3).

The next morning I woke up early and checked the polls to see up to 50 or so in each direction. The day went well and it got to the point where we ended the day while I was 5 or 6 points behind Jay.

It got to the point where there was 1 hour left until the polling stations closed. The result was roughly 57-61 for Jay to win. It wasn't long before the polls closed, 61-62, Jay won.

The alt check of the century

This has got to be the most exciting moment ever in the Forum's showdown. After alternate checks, I ended up winning 60-59. That was the craziest moment I've ever seen.

I told my friends about it and they said, "FUCKING NO WAY, you really got it, come on, you can really win this now."

That moment was like taking the winning penalty in a World Cup draw and winning the final. Although I didn't win the final. I barely made it past the quarterfinals of a block game forum contest. The hype was crazy off-topic all over the place (maybe a bit over the top lol. The hype was actually in the main thread and the matching thread).

Which brings us to the most intense and heated match of the match (maybe lol).

Halbfinale: Wallress x Shampoo

I started with a quick 20-5 lead, but I knew it wouldn't last long. I've heard rumors (I'm doing this very dramatic lmao) about how the shampoo won. But I didn't care. I changed my signature to the top 4 title.

I've played some Rocket League and mastered 1's (you probably don't mind, but if you don't mind why are you reading this lol). I went up a few divisions and played a few twos. At 2 (50/50 w/l) I didn't do very well. So I left it at that and decided to work on my geometry stroke level which I've been working on for a while. It's come to the point where it seems functional, but it's still missing something.

The day ended with me losing by 10 or more.

The next morning I woke up and fell out of bed. I don't know how or why, but I don't think I was fully awake. Anyway, I checked the polls to see that shampoo leads by 10+.

Let's jump to the end of the day. I was still down by 9 points or more. I woke up this morning with a score of 81-87, still sensational for making a comeback.

While waiting for the alt checks, I started thinking about what would happen if I ended up winning and how it would be against the coolest mod ever. But I chose to play rocket league instead of thinking about it.

It was an epic session. I was concentrating on ranking the 1's to see if I was making improvements which was my main goal (haha, goal see what I did there?? hahahaahow did we get here [Foristas Confrontation + Finale Celebration] (4)). I played about 7 games out of 1 and won 4/7. I switched to 2 to see if I can improve there too and ended up winning 2/3 games. I was excited. But little did I know that 5 minutes after I stopped playing would be one of the craziest moments of my life.

I turned off my PS4 and went to check the polls and read a book. I decided to check Discord since I had it open and my goodness I was shocked.

The second craziest alt check of the century

I've had 3 Hypixel scoop pings that only mean one thing. With that in mind, I clicked on it. It was congratulations on participation or congratulations on the final. Checked out the event chat to an absolute surprise.

I made it to the final.

I was hysterical. There was no way anyone who wasn't like me could advance to the finals in a forum matchup I was in for fun. I checked my forum notifications to see a lot of mentions and profile posts. I was so happy. I ended up winning this match as best as I could, 76-74. I partied with WeirdHamster for a while and then told my friends.

They said: "Cap".
They replied, not directly, but: "You madman, congratulations. You deserve it. NOW GOOD LUCK IN THE FINALS!”

Many thanks to the people who were on the way there. This matchup was something I didn't think I would enjoy. I usually watch others do such things from afar, but never in their position.

Finally, I would like to say gg@Shampoo. You are a very nice person and I am honored to have against you as well. and good luck too@Center usor@epicercanerin the final. The fact that I'm facing one of you confuses me. Can't wait for our game :]

oOOp, edit here: didn't know the epic vs centronos match was still on, mb. Sorry for this epic. Looks like I did something stupid again lol. Np ig, that should celebrate anyway as I made it to the finals.

how did we get here [Foristas Confrontation + Finale Celebration] (5)

Here we go. Sorry I didn't realize the semifinals aren't over yet. Good luck to Epic and Centrans in your match.

Thanks for reading this far and good luck to Epicercaner or Centranos in the finals! Also vote who you want to win!

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