Does Vegamour Really Work? BEFORE AFTER results! (2023)

If you're like me, you've been inundated with Facebook and Instagram ads promoting Vegamour as an herbal hair solution to support hair growth. Well done internet. Well done.

Apparently Vegamour AND Facebook AND Instagram know me well because I'm the ideal target audience for this product. I saw enough ads that I finally took the plunge and bought theirsVegamour Hair Serum. And then I waited a long time.

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Beware of anyone who buys this product and immediately gives a rave review. Because this is the type of product that requires a LOT of patience for any type of payment. Actually months.

So I didn't just decidecomparethe product but alsousethe product for almost four months. And the best? I've documented the whole thing so you can share my experience and decide if Vegamour GRO Hair Serum might be right for you.

Who is Vegamour?

Vegamour is a beauty company focused on hair health and wellness through plant-based treatments. And it was founded by... ONE MAN. A man with good hair, I might add.

Dan Hodgdon is a city dweller turned farmer who believes in using nature to enhance what we already have. In fact, their marketing uses the right terms:

“Clean ingredients, 100% vegan”
"Holistic Hair Wellness"
"Scientifically proven results"

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(Video) Does Vegamour Really Work? BEFORE and AFTER 4 month test!

The promise is good for my hair and theoretically good for the environment. Not to mention they have some pretty slick marketing and HEAVY sales on social media.

So I bought it. I decided to take the plunge and try one of your products and see if it does what it says on the tin.

What is Vegamour Hair Serum?

Their products focus on hair well-being and the product you choose depends on what you want to focus your efforts on (scalp, lashes, brows). One thing I learned as I got older is thisatthe hairy parts begin to thin out.

The lashes have mascara on them. The eyebrows have eyebrow pencils. And technically, hair has hats. But I still want to get back some of the (albeit thin) strands I had on my crown and thinning sides.

And in case you're wondering, this is the classic zone of hormonal hair loss.

Those are my main issues, but hair loss can also be caused by stress, lack of sleep, vitamin deficiencies, and things like poor scalp health. Basically being a woman.

Vegamour Hair Serumcontains what they callsecondary plant substancesthat help “maintain a healthy and balanced follicular ecosystem while soothing the scalp and revitalizing the hair roots”.

It's a serum that you apply to the scalp with droppers and then wait for the results.

(Video) Vegamour Gro+ vs The Ordinary Hair Serum

I originally bought this:More Vegamour GRO kit, which contains 1 GRO Hair Serum and 1 GRO Biotin Gummies

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My Vegamour routine

As with himeyelash treatmentsI've tried this in the past, it requires patience. Vegamour recommends applying the GRO serum to damp or dry hair daily. And the results can last up to 3-4 months.

This is what my routine looked like:

  1. Take biotin gummies daily (I only did this for the first month)
  2. Wash hair and towel dry (usually overnight)
  3. Apply an eyedropper to the crown of my hair
  4. Apply a dropper to the sides of my hair (half a dropper for each side)
  5. Massage gently into the scalp
  6. Air dry or blow dry
  7. style as usual
  8. Repeat 4 months 🙂

Having fine, thin hair, I was concerned that the serum would weigh my hair down or make it feel greasy or oily. I'm happy to say that the product didn't have any noticeable effect on the styling of my hair.

Also, I usually wash my hair every other day, so I used to only use the GRO serum after showering. You can use it on dry hair which I've done a couple of times and it hasn't affected the style.

Does the Vegamour hair serum really work?

A little bit.

This is a very subjective question as it depends on your expectations. I admit it, I had high expectations. I was expecting to have luscious hair after four months and I'm telling you,"People! Just stay tuned. It takes a long time, but the results WILL AMAZING you!”

That's not the conclusion I came to after four months. I was a bit disappointed because I didn't see much of a change. Four months is a long time to invest in a hair treatment and not see amazing results.

(Video) One Month on Vegamour: Hair Loss Journey

Does Vegamour Really Work? BEFORE AFTER results! (5)

But guess what? It worked. I have seen results. They just weren't super obvious results. This is why BEFORE images are so important when looking at AFTER images. The changes are sometimes so subtle that you don't notice them until you compare them.

Let me show you my before and after photos.

Results before and after Vegamour Hair Serum

You will not mistake me for a hair model. I still have fine hair. But if you look at the month-to-month progress, you can see a thickening of my dividing line.

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Maybe that's enough for you. I had higher hopes. And when you see the side differences, you might not be as impressed.

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  • Does Vegamour Really Work? BEFORE AFTER results! (8)
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  • Does Vegamour Really Work? BEFORE AFTER results! (10)

So what do you see when you look at the photos? Did the product work? Did it work enough to justify the cost? (Not a cheap product). Did I do something wrong? Perhaps.

what I would do differently

After using Vegamour for almost four months I decided not to order another bottle which costs around $44 with no discount. You can buy in bulk and subscribe and save. And that's attractive for several reasons.

I am usually veryAFFORDABLEthrifty. If I'm using a small bottle that costs $44, I use it sparingly. I ended up using two bottles for almost 4 months. If I was on subscription I would potentially use 4 bottles in four months. So maybe I didn't use enough?

On the other hand, I haven't used it everywhere. I mainly focused on the crown and sides of the head. And I didn't want to risk product overload weighing my hair down either.

(Video) Hair Loss After Baby | Trying Vegamour

As mentioned above, I didn't use the GRO serum every day. I used it every other day, usually after washing my hair. So it might help to increase the frequency. And I would probably pass the bottle quicker.

So if I were to try again, I would simply do this:

  • use more of the product
  • Use the product more often
  • wear it everywhere
  • I continue with the biotin gummies to strengthen my hair from within

But the final caveat I would add is that my hormones are currently on a roller coaster that is sometimes leading me to a slow increase and other times dropping me to 4G. My hair is alone for the journey. There may not be a serum in the world that can keep up with my changing body, but I'll keep searching for any potions I can find!

UPDATE: I posted a review ofHair revitalizing serum revealedand I loved the results after just 4 weeks if you want to check it out!

Vegamour Hair Serum 4 Month Review Video

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(Video) 10 Best & Worst Hair Growth Treatments That I’ve Tried At Home

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