Can you live with a man you don't trust? 6 tips (2023)

If your man keeps secrets and lies, you do well not to trust him. And hurts. "I don't trust my husband" is one of the harshest things a woman can say about her marriage.

"I don't trust my husband," Shelly continues.6 Ways to Restore Trust in Your Husband After Cheating. "I want to, but he has lied so many times about money and what he does after work... I just can't trust him. I know he cheated on me at least once, but he denies it. How do I live with a husband in the one I don't trust?"

Regaining trust in your husband after a betrayal is a long and painful process, even if he is telling the truth about his affair. But cheer up! When you both choose to rebuild trust in your marriage, you will become stronger and healthier. The key is her willingness to rebuild her trust in her husband and her ability to earn his trust. This is the only way to work together towards a future.

"Broken trust can heal faster than we think," Mira Kirshenbaum writes inI Love You But I Don't Trust You: The Complete Guide to Restoring Trust in Your Relationship. "And it's worth it, because whoever coined the phrase, 'Broken places are stronger where they heal,' is absolutely right when it comes to confidence."

Would you like to learn to trust your man again? It may be impossible unless he's honest with you. Unless, of course, you trust that your man is not honest or faithful. Many women live in marriages that are not honest, but they know what to expect. These wives are realistic and accepting of who their husbands are. They know they cannot and do not want to trust their husbands, and they choose to stay married for reasons that are important to them.

6 things to do when you don't trust your husband

Here's another comment from a woman who doesn't know if she should stay married. "Recently I came across romantic emails and suggestive images," says François.Is your husband lying about cheating? 4 ways to say. "Since then, I have been trying to come to terms with the reality of a cheating spouse, whether or not I want to stay in the relationship, and if so, how to work towards a better marriage. If I decide to leave, get enough support and be financially stable to me and my newborn.

If you don't know what to do with your marriage, but you know you can't trust your husband, talk to someone in person. She doesn't necessarily need to talk to a counselor or therapist. You don't need to be told what to do, nor do you need to find someone to give you marriage advice. Talk about your marriage with someone who is objective, trustworthy, and willing to let you do the talking until you figure out the best next step in your life.

1. Face the reality of your marriage.

If you don't trust your husband because he cheated on you, try to be realistic about whether or not you can save your marriage. One of the most important indicators is your husband's willingness to be honest with you. Is he willing to work with you to restore faith and trust in your marriage? If not, then the real choice is between living with a husband you don't trust or leaving your marriage. Neither option is how you imagined your life would be... but as you continue to walk through this dark valley, you will seewilleeventually reach the other side. You will get through this, and you may find yourself happier and healthier than ever!

A helpful and encouraging book for women dealing with infidelityMy husband's affair turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me.. If you want to stay married, learn from couples who have survived and built even stronger marriages after an affair.

2. Allow yourself to go through periods of disbelief, shock, and pain.

“My husband has always included me in everything for 15 years,” Angela continues.9 ways to know if your husband is lying about being unfaithful. "Until about a month ago, we were like best friends. He says it's okay, but my stomach is really sick. I found his cell phone with graphic details about him and her together. I refuse to believe he cheated on me! I can't accept it It's too painful. Now I don't trust my husband and I don't think I ever will again."

Finding evidence of your husband's infidelity is one of the most painful things you will ever experience. It is a betrayal like no other. You never expected that he would cheat on you and you certainly never thought that he would lie to you! You will go through periods of disbelief, shock, sadness, anger, bitterness, and even hatred. These feelings are normal and even healthy. You mourn the end of your marriage as you knew it. Even if you learn to trust your husband again, your relationship will never be the same. The good news is that you could get better, stronger and healthier!

The best thing, and the most difficult thing, is to accept your husband for who he is. I often receive emails and comments from readers who refuse to accept that they can no longer trust their husbands. They refuse to believe the truth because he hurts too much. Instead of avoiding the truth about your marriage, give yourself time to go through the stages of grief.

3. Learn to recognize your husband's half-truths and lies.

"We were charged usage fees on our cell phone bill because of too many text messages," says one reader. “I noticed that in the last two weeks you have texted a certain number over 200 times. When I confronted him about it, he acted like it was no big deal. I let a day go by before I faced myself again. Then he told me that he and a much younger friend had met some girls in a bar and that my husband was just the “wing man” for his friend… I need advice on what to do or how to deal with him again” .

How do you know if your husband is lying to you? You know there's something wrong with him, that he's not being honest. He does not trust her husband for aReason- and maybe the "only" reason you have is your intuition. Your intuition or gut feeling is a reliable source of information. You know things you can't put into words... and that's why you don't trust your husband. You know something is wrong.

If you need or want more solid evidence or reasons why you don't trust your husband, keep reading.Spy the Lie: Former CIA Officials Show You How to Spot Deception. She will learn to recognize her husband's deceitful behavior, both verbally and non-verbally.

4. Remember that some marriages become stronger after trust is rebuilt.

Marriage coach Mort Fertel says that marriage can be strengthened after infidelity. Some marriages thrive after an affair; others wither and die. His first decision concerns his own hopes and plans for their relationship. Do you want to rebuild your marriage? The second factor, and this is a very important one, is your husband's willingness to be honest with you. Does your husband care that you don't trust him? talk to him

Avoid hasty decisions that put you at a disadvantage, such as B. moving house or even the threat of divorce. Many women move too fast, also for good reasons, and later regret it. Act with prudence, care and consideration.

InShould you stay or should you go? 5 signs it's time to move onI share how I knew it was time to leave the apartment I just rented (my husband and I live separately) and come home.

5. Avoid taking advice from too many people.

It can be good and healing to talk about not trusting your husband. Talking can help you gain insight, clarity, and wisdom. But there comes a time when everyone has spoken about it. He has sought the advice of friends, talked to his colleagues, and even sought the advice of a lawyer or divorce mediator.

There comes a time when talking about your marriage is more harmful than helpful. You'll know this moment when you find yourself telling the same stories, sharing the same fears, and talking to the same people about the same issues. This is when you have to decide that you either don't trust your husband and stay married, or you can't trust your husband and you want to leave. And then you have to start acting in one direction or another.

6. Release your grip

Letting go of your expectations of your husband and your marriage doesn't necessarily mean you'll leave, separate, or get divorced (but it can). Rather, letting go of what you expect of him means changing the way you view your husband, yourself, and your marriage.

Letting go can simply mean allowing your man to be who he is. You do not forget, nor do you pretend that your heart is not broken, nor do you build walls so that they do not hurt you again. You do not allow your husband to continue to treat you and your marriage like dirt.

Letting go is about releasing unhealthy attachments and regaining strength. You learn to trust yourself. You cry, you heal your heart, and you deal with the pain. When you let go of what you hoped, longed for, and dreamed of in your marriage, you will find peace and freedom. You are beginning to move into a fresh new season of life.

What do you think? How do you deal with life when you can't trust your husband? Feel free to share your experiences below. You may find that writing brings clarity and insight and can even help you decide what to do with your marriage.

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