A dictionary contains all of the following information EXCEPT A) antonyms B) word origin C) pronunciation D) parts (2023)

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The dictionary contains everything except antonyms (this is correct as far as I know, but you can look it up to be sure) tip: check what you know you have and delete the ones that don't make sense

Please help! “Oh, honorable friend,” he said, “I present to you your katana, your longsword. And your wakizashi, your short knife.

He then took two smooth pieces of driftwood of different lengths for himself. He put the short piece into the cloth belt he wore around his waist and swung the other like a sword, challenging Goemon.

"We can't carry swords," Goemon said. "Do you know."

"Let me humbly suggest," said Manjiro, "that on this island we are the rulers, we are the Samurai of Bird Island."

Write two sentences explaining what this evidence tells you about Manjiro culture.

What is the effect of not having friends and/or being alone? Who in Of Mice and Men is really lonely and how does that affect the way they behave? Are they responsible for their own loneliness?


Start with your research paper topic, give a little insight into what you are talking about and go from there.

Psalm 23 can be characterized as lyrical because a. uses metaphors, similes and images of nature. si. it tells a story from which a moral can be drawn. C. has no fixed rhyme scheme. Hey. can be accompanied by music.


A simile is figurative language that compares two different things using as or as

Click here to read and refer to "Mary Pickersgill, Flagmaker" by Johnathan T. Barnes to answer the question below.
This article could appear in which of the following?
to. textbook for high school history students
si. A novella
C. a persuasive pamphlet on the importance of patriotism
Hey. any of the above
my. None of the above

Choose three adjectives. Venus roared in the opposite direction from the other planets, so on Venus the sun rises in the west and sets in the east.

Contrast places two ideas next to each other to emphasize___ their A. Similarities B. Differences C. Definitions D. Purpose


one can never relive the past

Money is one of them in The Great Gatsby

Add the correct punctuation to the following sentence: Your fans, I swear it's like The Beatles raised Lazarus from the dead. Like his folks, he really likes BTS. It's like they're loud.

Next, gather the equipment you'll need: rope, a shovel for digging, sand to line the pond, rocks or large bricks, scissors, and a large sheet of plastic. To find out how big your plastic sheet is
should be, take the maximum length and width of the lake and add twice the depth to each

What do you need the sand for?

to fill the hole

to measure the sheet

to hold the plastic sheet in place

to line the pond



to line the pond.


This is an instructional text that describes the necessary steps and materials needed to build a pond. A procedural text is one that gives instructions on how to perform a specific action. In this case, the text gives instructions for each step and material, including sand. We learn the purpose of sand in the following sentence: "you will need... sand to line your pond."

The question states that the sand will be used to line the pond.

1. If understanding is a measure of depth, what does understanding possibly mean? TO
to be of medium depth

without measuring tools

they are one meter wide

be too deep to measure

2. Why is most of the passage from The Odyssey, Part 1 characterized as a flashback?

1 points
In the first scenes, Homer hints at the dangers that Odysseus will face in the later episodes of the epic.

Homer interrupts the story of Odysseus' journey home by having Odysseus recount earlier events to Alcinous.

The adventures of Odysseus take place in the distant past, in ancient Greece.

Homer opens the narrative with an invocation to the muse of epic poetry.

3. Which of these passages from The Odyssey, Part 1 best illustrates the typical qualities of an epic hero?

1 points
"In the next land we found they were cyclops, / giants, lutes, with no law to bless them."

"We scuttled her, crushing her keel on the soft sand, / and walked alone on the beach."

"I prefer to stand in this part of the forecast, / While our good ship beat the weather, steered out / The wind to the Sirens' strange isle."

"Now, by the gods, I plunged my great hand / Deep into the coals, charring it again, / And cheered my men along with the battle / To keep their courage: do not give up now."

4. Define in medias res in one sentence. (1 point)

In a sentence or two, explain how the Odyssey is an example of this literary technique. (1 point)

The Costa family hiked a 2-mile trail one way. How many feet was the round trip walk?

Read the memories carefully and then answer the question. Nights and Dragons-
From the memoirs of the author Abigail Prynne
I sit in my office and hear the thunder rumbling outside my window. Flashes of light broke through the darkness and the wind rushed past my window. The exciting combination of sight and sound conjures up visions of dragons roaring proudly, breathing fire and soaring through the midnight sky. Dragons first fascinated me when I was a child. They've been following me ever since. The wonderful creatures appeared in the storybooks I read in the library, in the paintings I saw in museums, in the movies I saw in the theater and in the dreams I saw in my sleep. When I was thirteen years old, a question consumed me. I wanted to know if dragons ever existed, so I set out to find facts.
When I started my research, I discovered many skeptics. Scientists presented evidence to show why dragons could not and did not exist. They explained that it would be impossible for dragons to fly because they would be too big. They laughed at the idea of ​​fire-breathing dragons. They noted that no other animal has done this. They said that if dragons lived, someone would have found relics somewhere in the world. Well, there were many logical explanations. It would be easy for me to accept that the only place dragons existed was in the imaginations of those who believed.
I could have given up, but I thought of my grandmother. He always told me that "people who think science is the answer to everything are missing everything else." With his words in mind, I searched some more. There were many events that hinted that dragons might not be imaginary. I noticed that cultures around the world described dragons in similar ways. This was strange because they had no way of communicating with each other. I found dragons mentioned in more than just stories. They appeared in ancient legal documents, the travel diaries of Marco Polo, and the Bible. I saw that the Chinese calendar uses a different animal each year. Dragons are included along with eleven real animals. I began to think it was a real possibility that all these people were talking about a creature that actually existed.
With renewed hope that there was some truth to the legends, I sought further investigation. I found that some experts disagreed with the popular arguments against dragons. They suggested that a dragon might have four stomachs like a cow. If it generated stomach gas like birds, it could generate enough to get off the ground. This would give him the ability to fly. If it expelled air as it sank toward earth, it could release gases that could ignite into flames. When the animal died, the stomachs released strong acids that decomposed its carcass over time. Biologists supported these ideas with sketches and models based on known animals. Not everyone agreed with these ideas, but many of the things we accept about dinosaurs and other extinct species began the same way.
I doubt we'll ever know if there were dragons. There can always be two sides to a heated debate. Some will say that the stories come from an active imagination. Some will believe with all their hearts that legendary creatures roamed our ancient world. I'm not sure which side to believe, but the sound and fury of such a night makes me smile. It reignites my childhood dreams and keeps the exciting possibility alive.

Which sentence in paragraph 4 makes an explicit statement without offering implicit hints?

A) With renewed hope that there was some truth to the legends, I sought further investigation.
B) If it produced stomach gases like birds, it could produce enough to get off the ground.
C) Biologists supported these ideas with sketches and models based on known animals.
D) Not everyone agreed with these ideas, but many of the things we accept about dinosaurs and other extinct species began the same way.


C) Biologists supported these ideas with sketches and models based on known animals.

Answer: it's C. because I just got it haha ​​and well I did. 7th grade sucks

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