11 Popular, Dermatologist-Recommended Tricks to Grow Longer, Fuller Lashes (2023)

If you're above keeping and maintaining fakes, you've come to the right place. In fact, there are severalWays to get longer eyelashes naturally.without resorting to eyelash extensions or dramatic false eyelashes. Either by hydrating them with variousoilsmisorosor simplycombing them, there are many easy and effective ways to make your eyelashes grow longer and stronger.

Why don't your eyelashes grow or fall out?

In accordance withDra. Tsippora Shainhouse, MD, FAAD, Dermatologist in Private Practice in Los Angeles Your eyelashes can become short for a number of reasons. "Your lashes become brittle and brittle from products like mascara or eye drops that can dry out your hair or cause your lashes to break down the middle," he explains. Be careful when introducing a new eye product into your routine.

Dr. Shainhouse also cites an additional reason for his shorter eyelashes: frequent eye rubbing. She warns that this can break and rip off the lashes. "Since eyelashes grow on a four to eight week cycle," she explains, "the hairs won't grow back if you pluck them, leaving your bangs looking short and sparse."

How to make your eyelashes long and strong

When it comes to growing eyelashes, there are plenty of home hacks worth trying before reaching for prescription treatments. In fact, many people have had luck using these products to stimulate hair growth on the lash line. But as with any product, check with your doctor or dermatologist before adding anything new to your beauty routine, and confirm that there is no compelling medical reason for your lashes falling out.

Over time, these methods can give you the fluffiest lashes. So, to strengthen your lashes and give them a little more oomph, here are eleven ways to grow them out—no false lashes required.

1. Use olive oil

There is much tradition that olive oil can improve the length and strength of eyelashes. Natural olive oil is rich inessential fatty acids that act as emollients, moisturizing and smoothing the eyelashes. Pro Tip: The easiest way to apply these oils isdisposable mascara brushes, dip them into the oil and rub the oil on the eyelashes.

To beBliss of Greece oilIt is made with a combination of 100% natural oils, including olive, lavender, almond and grapeseed oils. Although it comes in a spray bottle, you can easily remove the cap and dip it into the mascara wand to catch the oil and apply it to your lashes. This formula is organic, vegan, and supported by over 24,300 Amazon reviewers.

Amazon Glowing Review:"Very happy with the purchase! My eyelashes grew longer, pores were reduced in size, skin had a much healthier glow. I love the product."

2. Try a lash-enlarging serum

You've probably heard a lot about different eyelash serums that can increase the length of your eyelashes. While the market is flooded with many different varieties (and not all of them great), you have to keep an eye on the ingredients list to find the right one.best eyelash growth serums.

With over 16,700 Amazon reviews and a solid 4.4-star overall rating, thisGrandeLASH-MD eyelash enhancing serumit really is a bestseller, and many people comment that it works wonders on their lashes. The serum contains a blend of vitamins, peptides and amino acids to help promote naturally longer and thicker lashes. To apply, use a single swipe of the product on both lids (just above the upper lash line) and allow to dry for a minute or so. Use the product daily for best results.

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Amazon Glowing Review:“This thing is a miracle product. I rarely write reviews, but I really felt compelled to because I LOVE this product. I started to see results after two to three weeks, but now after using it daily for three months, I have lashes that look fake (or like extensions!) I am very satisfied. My lashes used to be short, [sparse] and missing lashes at each corner of my eye. Not only did it make them thicker, but it made them grow back at the corners and they are SO long that my son told me today that he might have to cut them off at some point because they almost touch my eyebrows. Ha ha ha."

3. Apply vitamin E oil

Vitamin E oil has long been used to promote stronger, more hydrated lashes. While science hasn't definitively proven that it promotes hair growth, you can't argue with thousands of amazon reviewers.

To beNature's Bounty Vitamin E Oilit's affordable (less than $10 a bottle!) and designed to be applied topically to the skin and hair. It is also safe to take as an oral supplement, depending on the brand. This option not only hydrates, but can also boost your immune health.

Amazon Glowing Review:"I ordered the oil to enhance my eyelashes and eyebrows. It works perfectly! There is a significant increase in the speed of hair growth and final length.

4. comb your eyelashes

It may sound basic, but brushing your lashes is a great way to make them look longer and promote growth. While there isn't much science to back this up, manyprofessional makeup artistsmiexpertsexalt the virtues of brushing eyelashes.

A folding eyelash brush like this oneone of DUcareit's a handy tool that can slip into even the smallest of bags. This one comes with two sides: one has a metal-tooth comb for the lashes, and the other has synthetic bristles for the eyebrows. Easily fold both sides in and it's 1/3 the size... which means it's small enough to take everywhere! But, don't take my word for it; Over 2,000 Amazon fans sing their praises in the reviews section.

Amazon Glowing Review:"Oh my gosh. How I lived so long without this item is a mystery. [...] I thought it was too good to be true, that it wouldn't go through my lashes or I could just brush them with the tool instead.

5. Moisturize with coconut oil

it is not onlyvirgin coconut oil safe for cosmetic use around the eyes, but it's also a great lash moisturizer and strengthener. In fact, one study showed thatapply coconut oil to hair beforeand after washing it, you can prevent your hair from losing protein.

And, if you're afraid to dip your mascara wand into a bottle of 100% natural coconut oil, you canjust put a little on your fingertips, rub it on your fingers, then rub your eyelashes. This will transfer the coconut oil to the lashes to increase their softness and strength.

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To be100% pure coconut oil from Maple HolisticsIt is a therapeutic grade oil that you can easily apply to your eyelashes to promote growth. In fact, some reviewers say that they have seen growth in their hair (eyelashes and others) since using this oil. It's also cold-pressed, so it's not as processed as other coconut oils out there.

Amazon Glowing Review:"This is FANTASTIC! My lashes were falling out so I started putting coconut oil on my lashes to try to help them. After 2 weeks my lashes grew and were fuller than before! My mom and sisters asked me what used to make my lashes look so long!

6. Consider a biotin

If you have ever observed hair growth of any type, eyelashes or otherwise, you have probably heard of biotin. but biotinactuallyimprove hair growth? According to the doctor. Shainhouse, "Specific nutritional, vitamin and mineral deficiencies can affect hair growth. While taking vitamin and mineral supplements will not stimulate hair growth on their own (sorry if you bought bottles of biotin!), if you are deficient in certain iron, vitamin B12, protein intake, vitamin D or biotin (although this is very rare), your hair will not grow as well."

So while biotin may not be the right supplement for everyone, it helps to know what your vitamin and mineral deficiencies are when you're trying to grow hair anywhere on your body. And, even without scientific backing, this biotin supplement is a popular choice that many reviewers have commented has helped their personal hair growth process.

According to Amazon analysts, thisNatrol Biotin Supplementhelped them cope with hair loss on the head or along the lash line. For less than $20, you'll get 100 vitamins, also known as a 100-day supply. One thing to keep in mind: you should always consult a doctor before starting any new vitamin or supplement, even with the rave reviews for this product on amazon.

Amazon Glowing Review:"This is a great eyelash growth product, which is why I bought it."

7. Use mascara to enhance your lashes.

There are many mascaras that not only improve the appearance of your lashes while you wear them, but also promote growth over time. Look forfiber masksand any designed forimprove the length of short eyelashes.

To beRimmel the Rimmelit can do double duty of darkening lashes while also nourishing them for growth. Designed to make your lashes look 100% longer in just 30 days, this mascara makes some bold claims. But the fans are behind him, with reviewers indicating that this choice improved the length.mistrength of your lashes with continued use.

Amazon Glowing Review:"I've been using it for years and it will always be my favorite. It made my lashes so strong (they used to fall out so easily). My lashes are so long and healthy, I love it!"

8. Use castor oil

Although castor oil has beenboth praised and discreditedAs an ingredient that promotes hair growth, one thing that is clear is that it willhelp hydrate lashes, which can make them look fuller and more lush. Unsurprisingly, it's one of the most common ingredients you'll find in popular eyelash serums.

To beCastor Oil from Sky OrganicsIt has over 51,000 reviews on Amazon, and an overall 4.5-star rating, with tons of fans saying it's the reason they've seen their lashes grow fuller and stronger. This selection is USDA Certified Organic, as well as cruelty-free and vegan. And it contains no added ingredients, fragrances, alcohols or preservatives. To use on the lashes, apply a drop or two of castor oil to a clean cotton swab and sweep along the lash line.

Amazon Glowing Review:“I should have taken a picture of my lashes earlier. I was worrying about them. Really short and skinny. I've only been wearing them for about 3 weeks and I notice them getting longer and thicker. I 'am so happy! I also use it on my hair. [...] I feel like it gives my hair a bit of texture (thankfully!) I always thought my hair was fine. I am happy with my purchase and plan to buy again when it runs out. It seems to last a long time."

9. Apply green tea

Green tea is full ofantioxidants to improve your overall health. But a trick you may not have heard of? Put some cold green tea along the lash line to promote eyelash growth.

Although many reviewers have not tested thisbigelow green teaon their lashes, it remains very popular for the benefits they noticed on their skin and overall health after drinking it. To use on your lashes, Shannique Austin, celebrity lash artist and owner and master stylist ofglamorous spaen Westlake Village, CaliforniaBustle said in a previous interviewthat you can soak a cotton ball in cooled green tea, apply it to your eyelashes, and let it sit for 4 to 5 minutes before rinsing it off. And of course, if you don't want to use green tea as a topical treatment, you can always enjoy it as a nightcap.take advantage of its health benefits.

Amazon Glowing Review:"I love this tea. [...[It helps keep my skin clean and promotes hair and nail growth. I drink it twice a day mixed with a little lemon juice and honey."

10. Try omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids arefound naturally in certain foods, including fish like salmon, mackerel, and oysters, and even flax seeds and chia seeds. However, they can also be found in dietary supplements such as fish oil. Dr. Dylan B. Alston, a board-certified dermatologist in Riverton Utah, explains that this supplement can "provide essential oils that are helpful for eyelash health," so it might be worth a try for longer, thicker lashes. bulky. .

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To beNature Made Fish Oil Supplementit's extremely popular on Amazon, with an overall rating of 4.8 stars out of 17,100 and growing reviews. The 250 capsules are easy to swallow and each serving (two capsules) provides 600 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids. This option is gluten and dairy free, contains no artificial flavors, and has beenUSP verified for quality and purity..

Amazon Glowing Review:“Fish oil is a great supplement for anyone to add to their vitamin regimen. [...] This product is great value for money considering the number of pills you get, not to mention the mg. per pill.”

11. Use aloe vera

Aloe verais known for its ability to lighten sunburned skin, but did you know it can also bebeneficial for eyelashes? “The main idea behind aloe vera working as a lash growth hack is the moisture it can provide,” explains Dr. Alston. “Keeping lashes hydrated promotes hair follicular development and can lead to healthier lashes.”

A word of caution:avoid putting aloe vera directly in your eyes. You may also consider doing an aloe vera skin patch test before using it on your face.

Free of fragrances, alcohol, parabens, and added colorants, thisAloe Vera Gel Daughter of the EarthContains 99.75% pure and natural aloe vera. Amazon reviewers give the product an overall 4.5-star rating on the site, out of 1,000 and growing reviews, with commenters specifically mentioning that the product itself and packaging (the aloe is grown and bottled in Texas) arebothtop quality.

Amazon Glowing Review:“I love this Aloe Vera gel. It is pure, without parabens or anything else added. I have very sensitive skin and cannot use many products. I bought a bottle to try it first. It is such a good gel that I bought two more bottles. [...] Do not think that this gel is thick, it is not, because it is the pure juice that comes out of the aloe vera leaf, without any thickener. I love it for its purity and how it feels on the skin. I recommend."

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dr. Tsippora Shainhouse, MD, FAAD, who has a private practice in Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Dylan B. Alston, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in Riverton, UT

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